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Trident-Seal™ is an "A-1" rated engineered repair kit that permanently seals & contains live natural gas leaks up to 60PSI on threaded fittings, pinholes, elbows and tees† from 1/4" O.D. to 6" O.D. without shut down. Trident-Wrap™ enables quick field rehabilitation and reinforcement of corroded risers and pipes with up to 80% wall loss to an MAOP of 300PSI without shut down. Syntho-Glass XT™ pipeline rehabilitation system is used to repair and reinforce internal and external corrosion damage without expensive and time consuming shutdown. Conforms to ASME PCC2 4.1, DOT, API 570 and ISO-TS24817. Syntho-Sleeve™ is designed to protect field welded joints on pipelines from the abrasion stresses and scarring of directional drilling and boring on a wide range of pipe.

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Neptune Research, Inc.
Neptune Research, Inc.

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