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Minnich Manufacturing was originated in 1968 by Founder Roger Minnich. In 1985, Minnich began building Dowel Pin Drill units that are available in both single and multi-gang units. The drills are powered pneumatically or hydraulically and can be manual, self-propelled or mounted on backhoes, skid steer loaders and various other pieces of equipment.

Minnich Manufacturing’s Hornet is an ergonomic machine to drill gas leak detection and extraction holes. The Hornet was designed to be compact, lightweight and easy to move. The Hornet takes the drill out of the hands of the operator which isolates the vibration to the machine and not the operator's body. The unit feeds the drill in and out which allow the operator to stand in an upright position to help prevent lower back injuries.

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Minnich Manufacturing
Minnich Manufacturing
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