The energy derived from natural gas and the energy that comes from the passionate people who propel our company forward. Our genuine enthusiasm, combined with our unique blend of passion and attitude influences everything we do, build, support, and sell. We are an organization inspired by a higher purpose, not just profit. 

A Great Company to Work With

UPSCO is headquartered in the Finger Lakes Region of NY with sales managers throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Appalachians, and Midwest regions of the United States.

Founded in 1965 by Carl Weber & Ray McCarthy, UPSCO was birthed from their vision to support the natural gas industry and the Utility companies that operate within it. UPSCO employees Jim Bean and Jim Newhart purchased the organization in 1974 and guided the firm until 2004. At that time, Vice President of Operations Andy Boos and Vice President of Sales & Marketing Dan Pajak purchased the company with a vision of elevating UPSCO to the upper echelons of the industry. The 3rd generation employee owners take significant pride in the growth that UPSCO has experienced and the increased positive impact on the lives of the company’s stakeholders under their leadership.

Our Values

Passion with Purpose

We deal in energy. Not just the kind from natural gas, but the natural energy that comes from people motivated and passionate about what they do.

Work Fun

It’s the balance of work and fun that we value. For us both are connected, one enhancing the other to accomplish great things

No Sheeple

We recognize strength in character and conduct. Everyone has a voice that is valued. Everyone earns an important role that commands dignity and respect.

Attitude Without Attitude

A positive attitude thrives. We believe that you are responsible for your perception and accountable for your actions.

Together We Are Better

We believe that cooperation, communication, and collaboration are the paths to success. Here, every incremental improvement focuses on bettering our last best through teamwork that drives our standards for leadership, innovation and service.

After You

To us, providing excellent service is success. True joy and satisfaction comes from an attitude of giving – working objectively without selfish motives. There is nothing more gratifying than having helped others achieve.

The Priority of Partnerships.

UPSCO is uniquely positioned to effectively connect our customers (Utilities, Contractors and Material Integrators) with more of what they require while creating growth opportunities for our Principal Manufacturers and Material Suppliers.

A strategy that invests in Pioneering Collaboration that generates new product and services; robust business intelligence that provides foresight, information and knowledge; Superior Connections that leverage the UPSCO culture while supporting a customer-focused team with knowledge, expertise, experience and new offerings that differentiate the brand and reinforce the company’s competitive position.

Open Connections - Careers at UPSCO

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