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From the Meter to the Wellhead, UPSCO has the Right Natural Gas Tools & Products for YOU!

UPSCO’s business is built on innovative relationships with our affiliate manufacturers, bringing together diverse products, services and new technologies that meet very specific customer needs. Our natural gas tools and natural gas products will help you overcome the unique challenges in your day-to-day.

We have a long, successful track record and an exceptional reputation for the ability to solve problems effectively in our demanding and ever changing industry. Experience and innovation allows us to bring cutting edge technologies to the industries we serve.

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TridentSeal® is a live natural gas repair system that permanently seals active leaks, up to 125psi (8.6 bar) without interrupting service. It is pre-packaged in a kit with enough material to repair a pinhole or threaded fitting on pipe diameters up to 6 inches. Larger repairs can be installed by using more than one kit. This product has undergone third-party testing for long-term pressure retention at 250psi (17.2 bar).

King Innovations

King’s Drycon line of connectors with dielectric silicone sealant have proven since their creation that they are unmatched in protecting wire connections. From simple wire nuts to their Visilock line of products you’re always protected with King Products.

WL Plastics

At WL Plastics, we are the ideal supplier of high-quality MDPE and HDPE piping for natural gas distribution systems. We are equipped with over two decades of experience manufacturing polyethylene pipe, dedicated customer service, and 9 manufacturing facilities strategically located throughout the United States, all of which are ISO 9001:2015 certified. Learn more about our selection of HDPE pipe for natural gas distribution.

Innovative Trench Solutions

The TracerSpacer Is A Simple, Low Cost, Snap-On Device Designed To Provide A Consistent Separation Between Plastic Pipe And Its Tracer Wire And Other Joint Trench Utilities. Helps Eliminate The Possibility Of Wire To Pipe Contact Or Electrical Shorts Caused By Installation Defects Or Third Party Damages.


Smith Blair is the leader in the pipe repair and coupling solutions serving the water, natural gas, and oil field. Their product lines range from coming off the shelf out of stock to completely customization projects.

Balon Valves

Founded in 1965, Balon quickly became recognized as one of the world leaders in the Valve industry. With unmatched quality and consistency, Balon is still one of the worlds best valve manufacturers.


DuPont UtiliFoam Quick-Set Foam is a versatile, utility-grade spray foam product designed to cost-effectively solve your industry challenges. UtiliFoam is a 2-Component, portable spray foam that is used to fill and seal large angular spaces.

Ionix Technologies

Ionix is the expert in diffusing static electricity from plastic pipelines. With their easy to use aerosol spray cans the simplicity is key and everyone can remain safe on site. They also offer in line static diffusers for areas where their may be extensive static internally.


Since 1967 MBW has been providing the construction world with equipment related to soil compaction and concrete finishing. In the last 10 years, they have made a focused push towards the gas utility industry with the invention of such products as the Vapor Extraction Unit, Soil Pick, Ergotamp, Air Rammers, and Pressure Testers.

Performance Wire & Cable

Performance Wire and Cable applies today’s technology to produce high-quality wire and cable products. To assure that their products are made from the best material, we conform to the standards set by UL, NEMA, ASTM, and IEEE. Their WIRE products are offered in many different sizes, colors, lengths, and labeling. They conform to the standards to ensure quality, and conform to their customers’ needs to ensure satisfaction.

Sika USA

“Tuff-n-Nuff” Rockshield by Sika has been used and trusted pipeline protection for almost 30 years. It’s easy to install, comes in custom sizes to almost fit any pipeline diameter and performs in extremely cold environments. It is the ORIGINAL protector of Pipelines. Mainly used in terrain that doesn’t have great backfill options, or areas of soil stress, it is applied to protect the factory applied coating from being damaged during backfill.


Trenton products provide effective, long-lasting anti-corrosion protection for your resources. Our products include a variety of Wax-Tape® brand anticorrosion wraps for applications in aboveground and belowground settings, hot-applied and cold-applied waxes, outerwraps for additional mechanical protection and casing filling for pipeline and cable casings.

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