Connections For Life

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In April of 2020 as the Covid-19 pandemic began three sales employees of UPSCO Inc. started Connections. For Life. What began as a fun idea to help pass the time while waiting for Covid-19 to pass has grown into nearly a year of interviews, conversations, ideas, virtual trade shows, and most importantly we’ve built a bridge between our computer screens to the rest of the industry.

It was their way to stay connected to the people they normally traveled to see in person, have lunch with, and share ideas to help the natural gas industry succeed. The guys want to thank each and everyone that has been on the show and has contributed to the success of Connections. For Life.

Stay tuned for new content, new guests, and most importantly for more fun!

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Meet the Team

Chad Cuvo

Appalachian Regional Sales Manager

Chad is the Appalachian Regional Sales Manager at UPSCO and has been with the organization for 7 years. Chad resides in Columbus, OH and is mostly known as the husband to wife Lindsay. Chad has a son (Logan Cuvo) and daughter (Zoe Cuvo) and when not taping Connections. For Life. Chad spends most of his time shuffling his children to and from hockey and basketball. Chad until recently was the video editor to the show and the one who comes up with all of the awfully awesome questions we ask of our guests!

Joe Serret

Business Development Manager

Joe is the Business Development Manager at UPSCO and has held various positions in his over 10 years with the organization. When not being a BDM and a co-host of Connections. For Life. Joe is the father to three little girls (Lyla, Macy, and Callie) and spends most of his time coaching soccer and trying to keep his life in order lol. Joe brings a unique sense of humor and quick wit to the show and usually is the most talkative one …..just watch the episodes 😊 Joe is also in charge of writing up and posting the shows to our platforms…and most importantly making sure Chad doesn’t spell anything incorrectly.

Ted Peet

Business Development Manager

Ted Peet is the Upstate NY Utility & Contractor Sales Manager. Ted has been with UPSCO since 2018 and has been an integral part of the creation and success of Connections. For Life. Ted lives in Elmira, NY and is married to his saint of a wife Eileen and has a son (Nick Peet) and daughter (Christina Peet). Ted is heavily involved in his community and is the President of City of Light Hoop Group a youth basketball program in his town. Ted brings a bit of stability to the show and has always been the organizer of Connections. For Life. Ted is best known for keeping the crew on track when Joe and Chad lose focus…. which happens a lot!

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